‘2012Lent’, a novel exercise for Lent, is being launched today, Tuesday 28th February, at the Jesuit’s House, University of Malta, at 7:30pm. The initiative adds the dimension of social media consumption to personal Lenten reflection.

It is today recognised that internet in general and social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter in particular have woven themselves into the everyday life experience of the majority of people, especially young people.

‘2012Lent’ proposes an online guide that integrates the dynamics and impact of social media into the search for spiritual meaning through the period of Lent.

The project is spearheaded by prayer site SacredSpace co-founder Piaras Jackson in collaboration with the Centre for Ignatian Spirituality, University Chaplaincy and KDŻ. ‘2012Lent’ is driven through three main channels: http://bit.ly/2012LentTumblr; http://bit.ly/2012LentFacebook; and @2012Lent on Twitter.