Helping women in crisis pregnancy saves lives. This is the theme for Pregnancy Help Week 18-22 January 2021. During this week, LifeLine Malta will be releasing a series of testimonies from the women who were in a crisis pregnancy and considering abortion, some of whom had already purchased abortion pills but did not take them after counseling.

Women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy need practical help, support and compassion, especially in situations when they are alone, are abandoned by a partner or have financial problems. Consider “Nadine” a woman who called LifeLine’s helpline on 20330023, stressed out and sure that abortion was her only choice. As she spoke with the counselor, she shared that ending the pregnancy was what her boyfriend was pushing her to do. After due consideration and support, Nadine felt empowered to choose life. She now looks at her baby, and today cannot imagine life without her child.

LifeLine Malta is also there for those who have a negative prenatal diagnosis and will walk with them through the pregnancy and beyond. A negative prenatal diagnosis should not be a death sentence. Every child’s life is valuable and precious however short that life can be.

The maternity home provides shelter for those pregnant women who need accommodation. Presently there are five residents in various stages of pregnancy and/ or with newborn babies.

Pregnancy loss is often traumatic, more so when associated with abortion. LifeLine Malta offers confidential Save One post-abortion support for men, women, and families.

Positive client impact

Many women and families have already benefitted from LifeLine’s services. During Pregnancy Help Week LifeLine would like to reach out to pregnant women with a message of hope. Women are strong, resilient, and brave. Given support and encouragement, they can choose life.