• Following the training of over 25 lay persons Catholic Voices Malta joins the Catholic Voices international team, a network of 21 countries spread all over the world.

    The group, concluded a training program supported by Catholic Voices UK and includes lawyers, home-makers, members of the medical profession, educators, entrepreneurs, a social worker, an architect and a psychologist amongst others.

    The group met the Archbishop of Malta, Charles J. Scicluna, who spoke on the need to engage with a dialogue with the Maltese society, seeking to win hearts rather than the minds of people. 

    Catholic Voices embraces the challenge that Pope Francis makes to all the laity: “Given today’s “throwaway” culture and so many problems unfolding in the world, ‘Do I as a Catholic watch from my balcony? No, you can’t watch from the balcony. Get right in there!'”

    Recent surveys have shown that 94% of the Maltese population still identify themselves as Catholics.  Catholic Voices Malta seeks to represent their voices, aspirations and the values, for the greater good of all Maltese society.

    Speakers from Catholic Voices are available to participate in news and discussion television and radio programmes, debates and other forms of engagement with society.

    Catholic Voices will also start a series of training courses in parishes to inform better Catholics on the positive message and relevance of Church teaching to today’s society.

    Catholic Voices is a project which began in the UK in 2010 to improve the Church’s representation in the media, above all in news programs and debates, in preparation for the UK visit of Pope Benedict XVI. Since then the project has grown in many ways in the UK and has spread quickly around the world: so far over 20 Catholic Voices groups have started in different countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia.