• Id-Dar tal-Providenza Diaries for 2014 on the way to all households

  • 26th September 2013

    The pocket diary of Id-Dar tal-Providenza for 2014 is currently being distributed in every household in Malta and Gozo. Maltapost plc has kindly offered to do the distribution of these diaries for free. Over the past few weeks many volunteers from all walks of life gave a helping hand to pack these diaries in special envelopes. As in previous years, apart from a detailed calendar, the diary includes the very useful timetable for daily and Sunday Masses in all churches in Malta and Gozo.

    Fr Martin Micallef, Director of id-Dar tal-Providenza, said that the Home is still able to live up to its aims, thanks to the continuous support by Maltese and Gozitans alike, through voluntary as well as financial help. This diary, with its information that is useful throughout the whole year, provides an opportunity for a show of solidarity with the Home that offers residency with the right environment to around one hundred persons with disability so that they can foster their personal growth.

    The coloured photo on the cover is taken from a painting by Richard Saliba entitled “Pajsagg f’Ghawdex” (‘Countryside in Gozo’).

    Gasan Mamo Insurance and Middlesea Valletta Life Assurance Company Ltd. sponsored the printing of the diary.