• Message by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna


  • The Archbishop’s residence, Mdina
    23th June 2018

    Your Excellency, the Apostolic Nuncio, I would like you to convey the gratitude of the Church in Malta and mine personally, to Pope Francis, for this appointment that fills our heart with joy.

    I am convinced that His Lordship, Mgr Joseph Galea-Curmi, the new Auxiliary Bishop, will continue – not start – but continue to be of service in the pastoral work of the diocese. As we all know, Fr Joseph, the new Auxiliary Bishop, worked together with the late lamented Mgr Joseph Mercieca, on the Diocesan Synod, that still remains a relevant prophetic voice today.

    With this nomination by Pope Francis, Mgr Joseph Galea-Curmi has joined the Succession of the Apostles, and this rekindles the spirit of this service. I would also like to recall Mgr Galea-Curmi’s valuable support to Mgr Paul Cremona, the Archbishop Emeritus, and to thank him for his wonderful example of fidelity. I also congratulate Mgr Galea-Curmi’s family, while remembering with fondness his dear parents, Paul and Josette.

    I augur that when we celebrate your episcopal ordination on the 4th August at the Mdina Cathedral in the evening, we give a beautiful witness of the unity and the intercession of the saints, so that as a diocese, we walk on the path of the spirit that promotes life through love and charity.

    Dear Mgr Joseph Galea-Curmi, as you embark on your new mission, I wish to present you with the first zucchetto and the pectoral cross of the diocese that I would like you embrace as the symbol of the people of God.

    My heartfelt congratulations, Fr Joseph.

     Charles J. Scicluna
        Archbishop  of Malta


  • Photos: Curia Communications Office – Ian Noel Pace