GĦAŻLIET on Education 22 on Tuesday 4th October 2011 at 1.30pm with a repeat at 6pm and 11pm and on Saturday at 10.15am.

During the forthcoming TV schedule, GĦAŻLIET will be back with two 45 minute programmes per week.

During this first programme we will meet Karen Mugliett, who will be interviewed by presenter Christine Delicata.  Besides being a mother, Karen Mugliett is also a university lecturer, having specialised in food – how life can be sustainable.

By means of an interview, we will get to know Karen better.  The conversation will focus on some important values; that of avoiding waste, monitoring what we buy and what we do and how, if we are careful, we can save both money and energy.

This also applies to how we are raising our children.  Many say that nowadays children are given whatever they want, even if certain things are unnecessary and extra, and yet they never seem to be content.  Christine will also point out a number of values which can be put into practice by each one of us, making us better and also setting an example for others.  During the interview, Karen Mugliette will also be asked to comment about some photos which will be shown to help reinforce the discussion.

During this schedule, Għażliet will also include scripts by Fr. Peter Serracino Inglott, on the topic being discussed.  Għażliet is produced by ĊAM Productions international under the direction of Fr. Louis Mallia mssp.