While various prayers and devotions are important to honor St. Joseph, what is more important is to imitate the life and example of the foster-father of Jesus.

In the 19th-century book Devotion to Saint Joseph, the author explains this concept plainly.

The book also details a helpful practice that can remind you to imitate St Joseph.

Listen to the Holy Spirit

The first was to raise his mind towards the heart of St Joseph and consider how docile he had been to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, then examining his own heart he humbled himself for his resistance and animated himself to follow more faithfully the inspirations of grace.

Unity of prayer and work

The second was to consider with what perfection St Joseph united the interior life to the occupations of his state in life, then reflecting on his own life, he examined if there were some defects to correct. Father Lalemant attained by this holy practice to a great union with God and he knew how to preserve it in the midst of occupations which seemed the most distracting.

Devotion to the Virgin Mary

The third was to unite himself spiritually to St Joseph as the spouse of the Mother of God; and considering the admirable lights which the saint had on the virginity and maternity of Mary, he encouraged himself to love this holy patriarch for the love of his holy spouse.

Adore the Christ Child

The fourth was to represent to himself the profound adoration and the paternal services which St. Joseph had rendered to the Child Jesus: he asked to be permitted to join with him in adoring loving and serving this Divine Infant with the tenderest affection and the profoundest veneration.

Source: Aleteia.org