The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome recently organised a webinar entitled “Financial transparency in the Church: Now more than ever” as part of the series of webinars “Building a Transparent and Accountable Church”. The webinar was also attended by the Administrative Secretary of the Archdiocese of Malta, Michael Pace Ross.

The webinar focused on the importance of increasing financial transparency and accountability, and on the challenges, the Church faces to adapt to current professional standards within parishes and organisations. Participants also discussed the role of parish priests and their members on financial councils who are the stewards entrusted with the parishioners’ voluntary donations and who are responsible for observing the highest level of integrity, ethics, and accountability in the decisions they make.

Mr Michael Pace Ross shared the presentation of the annual results of the Archdiocese of Malta and explained that in recent years the publication of these results has become more timely and aims to increase trustworthiness amongst the faithful.

The next webinar will be held on 14th January 2021.