• Fast Forward – Pause- Play, comprises a number of activities which includes a show of films by famous cinema directors, installations and a series of discussions on current subjects. These activities are organised by The Society of Christine Doctrine – MUSEUM and are intended for the general public.

    “In a world where everyone is rushing from one thing to another (thus Fast Forward) we are inviting people to (Pause) and reflect during these activities” says Mr Natalino Camilleri, Superior General. He added that it is hoped that this pause would eventually lead to a calmer way of life (therefore Play).

    A film directed by some of the best cinema directors will be shown on Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 13th and Friday 14th. The following are the names of the films to be shown: The Light between Oceans (2016) –  Director Derek Cianfrance; Graduation (2016) – Director Cristian Mungiu; I, Daniel Blake (2017) – Director Ken Loach and Ilo Ilo (2014) – Director Anthony Chen.

    This activity will be taking place at the Conference Centre, Dar il-Hanin Samaritan, Santa Venera. The venue was designed by Prof. Richard England (www.ilhaninsamaritan.com) – a winner at the 15th Venice Biennale architecture award.

    The acitvities will take place fom Monday 10th to Friday 14th September from 6.30 p.m. onwards.

    For further further information  phone 79484882 or send an email to [email protected]