Several volunteers from the Camini…amo group walked the Pilgrimage of St James better known as the Camino de Santiago in the Galician region in Northern Spain. A total sum of €15,000 was raised by the pilgrims and their contacts in aid Fondazzjoni Sebħ. The funds will support various projects of the Church entity and  will assist in meeting some of the needs of children, adolescents and women living in the foundation’s residences.

The motto of this year’s pilgrimage was once again ‘Kull Pass Jgħodd’ (Every Step Counts). This motto reflects the pilgrimage itself symbolically representing the daily steps people take in their lives as well as every small donation that goes towards the foundation whereby each donation counts. Before the pilgrims set off on their journey, Fondazzjoni Sebħ organised the traditional ‘Send-Off’ Mass led by Monsignor Charles Cordina, the Episcopal Vicar for Diaconia, at the Church of Jesus of Nazareth in Żejtun. During Mass, Mgr Charles Cordina thanked God for such volunteers who through their sacrifices and efforts are helping Fondazzjoni Sebħ in their work. Mgr Cordina also expressed the hope that the participating pilgrims would benefit from the experience besides the monetary donations.

The volunteers walked the Camino dos Faros and then went on to Santiago de Compostela for a total distance of 320kms to attend Mass at the Cathedral of St James during which the function of the Botafumerio was ‘performed’ for all those present.

The 11-day route took the pilgrims across the beautiful rugged coast of Northern Spain, interspersed with spectacular sandy beaches and lush countryside. The pilgrims faced various uphills and downhills and other challenges. On behalf of residents and service users, Fondazzjoni Sebħ wishes to express its sincere gratitude for the support and altruism of the Camini….amo pilgrims.  

Anyone wishing to donate to Fondazioni Sebħ can do so by SMS on 50618950  for €6.99, 50619220 for €11.65, via PayPal – or by BOV Pay on +356 79375660. Anyone wishing to contact Fondazzjoni Sebħ can email [email protected] or call 22470900.