• Europe is today more than ever a complex reality. “Plural” Europe also includes the need to tackle challenges together. A pluralist culture strongly marked by secularism and individualism is gaining ground. Nevertheless, the will to share common values, founded in Truth, along with desire for God is growing more and more, especially among younger generations. The Catholic Church recognizes in the present time an opportunity to live and witness with renewed commitment the joy of the Gospel of Jesus: a God who has assumed the human condition out of love, providing humankind with his support even at the most difficult times of history. By accompanying European pluralism in the light of the Christian message, the Church wants to witness this love of God to humankind.
    This year the annual Meeting of the General Secretaries of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe took place in Bucharest, Romania, at the invitation of the Romanian Catholic Bishops’ Conference. Ten years after the entry of Romania into the European Union and ten years after the European Ecumenical Assembly in Sibiu, which gathered in September 2007 more than three thousand representatives of all Christian Churches in the continent, the General Secretaries met in the Romanian capital city to discuss The role of the Church, in particular of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences, in a pluralistic Europe.

    During this meeting Malta was represented by Fr JImmy Bonnici, the general secretary of the Maltese Episcopal Conference.

    The 2018 Meeting will take place in Cyprus from June, 29 to July, 2 at the invitation of H.Ex. Msgr. Youssef Soueif, Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus.

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