An ecumenical service is being held on the 31st May, during the Pentecost period. Pentecost is the feast not only of the birth of Christianity, but also of the shift from plurality to unity: many united in one body. It is therefore right and fitting that at Pentecost we should continue to pray for unity amongst Christians.

The ecumenical service is being organised by Christians Together in Malta – Malta Ecumenical Council in collaboration with the Diocesan Ecumenical Commission. The service will be held on Thursday, 31st May, at 6.30pm, at the church of St. Ursola Monastery, in St. Ursola street, Valletta. The theme is: “We are one in the Spirit”. The celebration will be led by reverend Father Jeffrey Williams of the Anglican chaplaincy in Malta and Gozo. Reflections on the occasion will be given by Father Mark Sultana.

Everyone is welcome. The service will last for an hour.