Two lectures on theology and spirituality will be held at the Rabat Dominican Priory on Saturday 27th November from 9:30am till 11:30am. This “Jubilee Lecture Series” is part of the initiatives celebrating the 800th anniversary of St. Dominic’s birth to eternal life (1221-2021).

Fr Joseph Agius OP

The first talk in Maltese will feature Fr Joseph Agius OP, Emeritus Professor of Biblical Theology and Exegesis and former Rector at the Pontifical St Thomas Aquinas University in Rome. He will discuss ‘The meaning of the Biblical Text within the Tradition of the Community’.

Sr Tiziana Caputo OP

The second talk will be held by Sr Tiziana Caputo OP, lecturer in Systematic Theology at the same University and author of La ricerca della verità. L’itinerario teologico-fondamentale in Edith Stein (2009); Il Ruolo della donna nella Chiesa. Il pensiero di Edith Stein (2015); Fede e Mistica. Il percorso speculative ed esistenziale di Edith Stein (2021). Her talk will be entitled ‘Il contributo del genio feminile nella vita della Chiesa’.

On Saturday 11th October from 9:30am till 11:30am, another lecture will be held by Fr Christopher Caruana OP, lecturer at the University of Malta, on ‘Polemic and Critique: Dante’s Thoughts about St. Dominic in his Divina Comedia’. The second lecture will be delivered by Fr Simon Gaine OP, Tutor in Theology at Oxford University, Professor at St Thomas Aquinas Pontifical University in Rome and member of the International Theological Commission. His talk will be on ‘Theological debates on the beatific vision of Christ’. He is the author of a number of original works, including Will There Be Free Will in Heaven? and Did the Saviour See the Father?

Entrance is free and everyone is welcome. COVID-19 regulations will be observed at all times.