Missio Malta celebrated World Diversity Day together with school children from the Mellieħa Primary School on Monday 15th May. The activity served to mark UNESCO’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, with the aim of highlighting the wealth of the world’s cultures and promoting peace through dialogue. 

“Just like a beautiful rainbow, composed of many beautiful colours, we like to think of our society and the different cultures that constitute it, as the elements that make us special and stronger together. Our differences make us all the more interesting and our society as a whole stronger. The appreciation of diversity is naturally at the centre of all we do at Missio Malta, as we endeavour to make a difference in the lives of people in developing countries. That is why we feel the value of diversity ought to be celebrated locally as well, to build stronger communities,” said Robert Farrugia, Head of Communication and Fund Raising at Missio Malta.

Nancy Camilleri, who is responsible for reaching out on behalf of Missio Malta to schools around Malta and Gozo, explained the values behind the event. “Bridging the gap between cultures leads to peace and harmony. It leads to growth and a more fulfilling emotional, moral and spiritual life. Ultimately, Missio is about building relationships and learning more about each other. This is an opportunity to help our children open their hearts and minds to each other and celebrate together,” Ms Camilleri noted. 

Mellieħa Primary School Assistant Head Rosemarie Mifsud explained how such events help the multi-ethnic school bring down barriers. “At our school we are blessed with children of 38 different nationalities – a veritable kaleidoscope of colours and beauty. Through the event we organised in collaboration with Missio Malta, we had the opportunity to explore each other’s different cultures, breaking down barriers of prejudice and misunderstanding. Such activities are essential to building bridges for stronger bonds that build a healthy society,” Ms Mifsud said. 

The event encouraged students to take part in a series of activities that celebrate cultural diversity, through a variety of mediums including art and crafts, different languages, cuisine, and flags.