His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will visit Malta on the 17th and 18th April, 2010.  As part of the activities that are going to be organised during his visit, a special celebration for young people will be held at the Valletta Waterfront on Sunday 18th April, 2010.  Entrance is going to be against registration, which will shortly be obtainable from the Diocesan Youth Commission (KDZ) website. Young people are invited to be part of this celebration.  Doors will open at 1pm and the actual celebration will start at 2pm with the arrival of the Pope at 5:15p.m. The meeting with the Pope will last 1 hour. There will be a further 1hr concert after the meeting.

KDZ is inviting all Maltese Christian Bands, singers and dancers to participate in this event. All those who would like to participate are kindly requested to read carefully the Guidelines and Application Form issued by KDZ, which can be downloaded from the website: www.kdz.org.mt

Please note that there are a different set of Guidelines and application Forms for [Christian Bands] and [Singers/Dancers].  Kindly choose the appropriate Application Form and submit it to the KDZ Offices by Friday 26th February 2010

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