Pope reading L'Osservatore Romano

Pope reading L'Osservatore Romano

The Holy Father visited the headquarters of the “Osservatore Romano” newspaper, which is currently celebrating the 150th anniversary of its foundation. Its first edition appeared on 1 July 1861.

The Pope greeted the director, vice director and journalists, congratulating them on the current anniversary. “By your daily work, out of sight and not without fatigue”, he told them, “you create this unique form of communication which acts at the service of the ministry of Peter’s Successor, making a specific contribution to the spread of the Gospel and the witness of truth. Indeed, by propagating the Pope’s teaching, by providing information on his activities and those of the Roman Curia, and echoing Catholic life in the world, the ‘Osserervatore Romano’ helps the faithful to consider contemporary issues in the light of the Word of Christ and the Magisterium of the Church, while remaining attentive to the signs of the times. In this perspective, the Holy See’s newspaper is a vital resource, which needs to be increasingly understood and appreciated”.

“Dear friends, continue to work joyfully in the great of ‘Areopagus’ of modern communications, treasuring the long history of this eminent newspaper. The memory of the past is fruitful only if it becomes an occasion to draw nourishment from deep roots, and to look to the future with hope”.

The Holy Father concluded by encouraging those who work on the newspaper “not to forget that, although you certainly need appropriate technical and professional training in order to carry out the mission with which you have been entrusted, what is vital above all is that you incessantly cultivate a spirit of prayer, service and faithful adherence to the teachings of Christ and His Church”.