(Left) Catherine Sciberras and Dr Rebecca Gatt from the Archdiocese of Malta and Ms Helga Ellul and Mr Julian Dingli from CORE Platform

The Archbishop’s Curia within the Archdiocese of Malta has become the first religious institution to endorse the Malta Diversity and Inclusion Charter.

Launched by CORE Platform and supported by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, this charter aims to promote diversity and inclusion across various sectors of Maltese society.

During the signing event, HR Director Dr Rebecca Gatt highlighted the importance of an inclusive environment within the Curia and the Church.

“As a Church, we firmly believe that creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is imperative, not just because every individual deserves to be valued and respected, regardless of background or identity, but also because it reflects the richness of our collective talents,” Dr Gatt said.

As the first religious institution to endorse the charter, the Curia wanted to set an example for other religious entities to follow suit in embracing equality and respecting all individuals at the workplace.

Through this initiative, the Curia joined 23 other signatories of the charter, a formal written document that outlines an organisation’s commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in its workplace. It serves as a foundational document that communicates the organisation’s values, goals, and strategies for creating an inclusive and diverse environment.