• Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna reacted to the attacks on Paris, this morning on RTK radio, during the programme ‘Newsbook’ presented by Jes Saliba.

    “First of all, I would like to express solidarity, also on behalf of the Maltese Church, to all the French people and relatives of victims. Let us pray a lot for the numerous victims. We condemn unreservedly the terrorist attacks which are trying to destroy the peaceful way in which we live. The targets of these heartless people were a football stadium, a venue where a concert was being held, and restaurants. This means that this was an attack on people during their time of rest and their time of entertainment, which the people of Paris enjoy in peace and quiet during the weekend. This is a statement of people who want to destroy, not only the civilized way we live, but also peaceful coexistence. We resist, not by responding with violence, but by committing ourselves to an inclusive society where injustice disappears, to eliminate the causes of anger and violence. At the same time, we support all efforts by the State to defend its citizens. Let us pray for peace whilst being vigilant.”


    ✝ Charles J. Scicluna

        Archbishop of Malta