• The Church Schools Association (CSA) was established, and the vision of the Association as found in its Statute reads as follows:

    Inspired by the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church, the Church Schools Association (CSA) offers professional and moral support to its members so that they may provide the best possible holistic Catholic education to all students who attend Church schools.

    As Heads of Church Schools we aim to:
    • Establish a network to strengthen and promote the identity and mission of our schools and to ensure that our identity is represented on governmental and ecclesial committees, as well as those of other relevant national or international associations.
    • Promote respect for the diversity of the different charisms of the Church schools especially in their vision, mission and the particular way they operate.
    • Work closely with the Secretariat for Catholic Education, the Ministry of Education and other entities so that students, educators and families enjoy the best educational opportunities.
    • Safeguard and implement in all its totality the 1991 agreement between the Holy See and the Republic of Malta.
    In the light of the establishment of the Church Schools Association, and of the existence since 2007 of the Independent Schools Association (ISA), at an Extraordinary General Meeting called specifically for that purpose, the Heads of Church Schools together with Heads of Independent Schools voted to formally dissolve the Private Schools Association (PSA), an organization set-up in 1951 to safeguard and promote the interests of non-State schools generally.

    Fr Jimmy Bartolo SJ, the elected Coordinator of the Church Schools Association, and Dr Joe Gauci, President of the Independent Schools Association, agreed that the Church Schools Association and the Independent Schools Association reflected the need for two autonomous associations in representation of the distinct nature and needs of their respective Sectors. Both however expressed their strong conviction that the existence of two separate organisations would foster and encourage greater collaboration between the two entities, and more effectively further the common interests of the two sectors on issues of mutual importance.

    Fr Bartolo and Dr Gauci heartily thanked all those who, during the years, had shown great dedication and commitment as members of the PSA.

    The other members elected on the Church Schools Committee were:
    Fr Eric Cachia SDB (Assistant Coordinator), Fr Mark Ellul (Secretary), Ms Mariella Vella (Assistant Secretary), Fr Silvio Bezzina MSSP (Treasurer) u Ms Daniela Camilleri Sacco, Ms Mariuccia Fenech and Mr Reuben Mifsud (members).