In this episode, we talk to a young couple about their life as a family. Among the themes discussed, we talk about the type of decisions which have to be taken as a family, how life in community changes, and the challenges which have to be faced.

🎙️ Guests

Claire Callus
Simon Callus

🎙️ Presenters

Emma Lanzon – Malta Catholic Youth Network
Mark Cachia – Justice and Peace Commission

Aħseb u Ara is a podcast hosted by the Malta Catholic Youth Network (MCYN) and the Justice and Peace Commission. This project is the result of a collaboration that began in 2021 and led to the Youth Engagement Study research, which was carried out in the same year.

The aim of these podcasts was to discuss themes from the social teaching of the Church. While there is an element of information in each episode, both entities wished these themes to be discussed in a conversational style, relevant to young people. Therefore, in each episode, the two guests are young people who share their experiences with us.