• 22 – 28 July

  • Monday         

    9.15 a.m.         The Archbishop presides over a Curia senior staff meeting, at his residence,           Attard.


    4.30 p.m.         The Archbishop holds individual meetings with the Poor Clares nuns, at their         monastery in St. Julians, in preparation for the coming Chapter.


    5.00 p.m.         The Archbishop meets with Life Cycle participants, at his residence in Attard.



    9.30 a.m.         The Archbishop presides over the Chapter of the Poor Clares Nuns, at their             monastery in St. Julians.
    4.30 p.m.         The Archbsihop presides over a joint meeting of the Diocesan Representative         Council and the Diocesan Finance Council, at the Curia.  


    10.00 a.m.       The Archbishop receives a courtesy visit from His Lordship Mgr. Antonio Staglianò, Bishop of Noto, at the Curia.
    10.30 a.m.       The Archbishop meets nine youths who are going on missionary work in Zambia.
    11.55 p.m.       The Archbishop leaves Malta for Lourdes.