• In 2016 the Archbishop’s Curia registered a surplus of €752,000 that was distributed through subsidies to Church entities that carry out social and charitable work.

    During the presentation of the financial report for the Archdiocese of Malta for 2016, the Administrative Secretary, Michael Pace Ross, said that as a result of this surplus, the Church can continue its pastoral work with children, young people, families, the elderly, people with disability, and those in need. He also said that the donations received from benefactors increased substantially last year. These benefactors also included the MMDNA.

    The financial results show that the income from donations covered the shortfall in income from church collections, fundraising and investments. This resulted in an increase in income of €1.8 million over the previous year.

    The Archdiocese of Malta employs more than 1,400 employees. The expenditure of all the entities of the Archdiocese, including parishes, increased by more than €2.7 million over the previous year. A substantial amount of the expenses were the remuneration of the Diocesan clergy and salaries of lay employees. The increase in expenditure was also due to the improvement of salaries, new jobs in several homes for children, for the elderly and for people with disability, and to expenses related to repairs and maintenance work in old buildings.

    During the press conference, Mr Michael Pace Ross said that in recent years the Church in Malta invested in various environmentally friendly initiatives, including the installation of photovoltaic panels in around 30 parishes. He explained that these initiatives are now yielding financial benefits and most importantly reducing the carbon footprint. Besides the protection of the environment, the Administrative Secretary also mentioned the responsibility entrusted to the Church to look after the cultural and historical heritage for future generations. For this purpose, the Cultural Heritage Foundation was established and an application has been submitted to secure European funds for 17 different projects of restoration and maintenance. These include the Archives of the Archbishop’s Curia.

    The financial results of the Archdiocese of Malta are being published on www.thechurchinmalta.org. These do not include the Diocese of Gozo and those entities in Malta that are run by Religious Orders.

    Click here to download the 2016 financial report of the Archdiocese of Malta.