Faculty of Theology

Theology and Philosophy were among the subjects taught in the Collegium Melitense, founded by the Jesuits in Valletta on the 12th November 1592; the Collegium was enpowered by the Pope to grant academic degrees. In 1768, when the Jesuits were expelled from Malta by Grandmaster Pinto de Fonseca, the Collegium became a University through the authorisation of the Holy See. The Faculty was suppressed in 1978, but was immediately re-established by the Holy See in the Seminary at Tal-Virtù. Ten years later, after an agreement between the Holy See and the Government of Malta, the Faculty was again incorporated in the University of Malta. About 600 students are serviced by the Faculty, including many hailing from other Faculties. The Faculty journal is Melita Theologica, published since 1947. 

Address:  Room 204, Humanities A Building,
University of Malta, Msida MSD 2080
Telephone:  +356 23402767
Email:  theology@um.edu.mt 
Website: www.um.edu.mt/theology
Facebook:  facebook.com/um.theology

Dean: Rev. Dr John Anthony Berry
Deputy Dean: Rev. Dr Stefan Attard

Department of Sacred Scripture

Kap: Rev. Dr Paul Sciberras
Rev. Dr Stefan Attard
Dr Joseph Ciappara
Rev. Dr Marcello Ghirlando OFM
Rev. Dr Martin Micallef OFM Cap 

Department of Church History, Patrology, & Palaeochristian Archaeology

Head: Rev. Dr Jonathan Farrugia
Rev. Dr Nicholas Doublet 

Department of Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology

Head: Rev. Dr John A. Berry – Dean
Rev. Dr Joseph Ellul O.P.
Rev. Prof. Hector Scerri
Rev. Mark Zammit 

Department of Moral Theology

Head: Rev. Dr Raymond Zammit
Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Agius
Rev. Fr Glen Attard O.Carm
Rev. Dr Charlò Camilleri O.Carm
Rev. David Cortis O.S.A
Dr Nadia Delicata
Rev. Prof. George Grima

Department of Pastoral Theology, Liturgy and Canon Law

Head: Rev. Dr Carl-Mario Sultana
Dr Pauline Dimech
Rev. Prof. Paul Galea
Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi       
Prof. Adrian M. Gellel
Rev. Dr Jesmond Manicaro
Rev. Dr Kevin Schembri  

Department of Philosophy

Head: Dr Jean Paul De Lucca 
Rev. Dr John Avellino
Dr Mary Ann Cassar
Prof. Joe Friggieri
Prof. Claude Mangion
Rev. Dr Mark Sultana
Dr Michael Zammit  

Administrative Staff

Faculty Officer: Ms Gillian Cachia
Clerks: Ms Bernardette Azzopardi, Mr James Bonnici, Ms Christabel Cassar