• In his Christmas message, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna recalled how the birth of the child of Betlehem teaches us to cherish life from conception. He emphasised that Christmas also reminds us that life has a value that is priceless.

    On the 200 anniversary of the hymn Silent Night, the Archbishop said that the child of Betlehem also encourages us to pause and reflect on the fundamental questions of life, questions “put by humankind, in every culture and every age” about where are we coming from and where are we going. 

    He also appealed that our “Christmas will be truly blessed if while we exchange gifts we realise that God became man so that we may live in dignity. This realisation should help us to respect each other’s dignity, to forgive each other, and live together in peace”.

    Watch the Archbishop’s message featuring the crib at St Julian’s parish church.

    We wish you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.