• At the end of the summit on the protection of minors in the Church, Pope Francis outlined eight points that the Church will focus on in an “all-out battle” against the sexual abuse of minors”. According to the Pope, “we are thus facing a universal problem, tragically present almost everywhere and affecting everyone”. The eights guidelines are:

    1. A change of mentality to focus on protecting children rather than protecting the institution.
    2. A recognition of the impeccable seriousness of these “sins and crimes of consecrated persons.”
    3. A genuine purification beginning with “self-accusation.”
    4. Positive formation of candidates for the priesthood in the virtue of chastity.
    5. Strengthening and reviewing of guidelines by episcopal conferences, reaffirming the need for “rules.”
    6. The accompaniment of those who have been abused with an emphasis on listening.
    7. Encourage countries and authorities to apply every measure needed to contain websites that threaten human dignity, the dignity of women and particularly that of children. 
    8. Combat sexual tourism around the world.

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