• On the occasion of the Feast of Christ the King, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna appealed to Christians to always choose the way of truth that is the Word of Christ. He said that many times we live in a world that seems to have never heard of the commandments, especially those that deal with respect for neighbour. The Archbishop focused on three particular commandments that can be applied to today’s society:

    Do not bear false witness. In the truth and respect of the facts there is the true respect of each other; lies have become the instrument of division that break down not only individual persons but entire peoples.
    Do not kill. Do not line your pockets by ruining young people with drugs; do not exploit women by turning them into commodities that strips them of their dignity; do not hate anyone because in doing so, in your heart you are already a killer.
    Do not steal. Do not exploit another’s weakness to steal his or her property; do not deny anyone the right to enjoy a safe and healthy environment; do not use your position for personal gain.

    The Archbishop’s invitation is that we, as weak human beings, listen to the voice of Jesus so that we will love the truth and one other more.

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