• The Church Schools Spiritual Development Unit within the Secretariat for Catholic Education, in conjunction with the Secretariat for the Clergy and the Spiritual Counselors Coordinator of the Church in Malta are inviting teachers, youth workers, social workers, counselors, psychologists, therapists and the general public for a series of two-hour seminars on the need to heal deep wounds inflicted by abuse. Abuse of all kinds not only injure the survivor psychologically, but also assaults the soul and spirit.

    The seminars will be conducted by Patrick Fleming and Sue Lauber Fleming, both psychotherapists from the United States, with long experience in helping victims of abuse as well as perpetrators, in particular clerical abusers.

    The seminars offer an experiential presentation that will help participants learn how to identify the spiritual wounds of their clients, and provide a road-map for healing and transforming this soul trauma through a spiritual healing process.

    Abuse victims are welcome to request private meetings with the speakers.

    Programme of Seminars

    Tuesday 16th September (St Monica School, B’Kara)

    09:30 For State Schools’ therapists, counselors, teachers and staff

    19:00 For Church and Independent Schools’ therapists, counselors, teachers and staff

    Wednesday 17th September (St Monica School, B’Kara)

    10:30 For the clergy, religious and consecrated persons

    Thursday 18th September (St Monica School, B’Kara)

    19:00 For therapists, counselors and the general public

    Friday 19th September (The Seminary, Victoria, Gozo)

    19:00 For therapists, counselors, teachers, pastoral and youth workers, and the general public

    Saturday 20th September (The Seminary, Victoria, Gozo)

    09:00 For the clergy, religious and consecrated persons

    For a smoother organization and eventual follow-up, online registration is greatly appreciated through the following link: http://knisja.org/shatteredsoul. Registration is free but any donation to meet expenses will be appreciated.