To follow up on Pope Francis’ visit to Malta, the Archdiocese of Malta is launching a project titled: Rethink culture. is a space for respectful dialogue on complex issues shaping Maltese culture. Supported by the Vicariate for Evangelisation and hosted by Justice & Peace –Malta, discussions will take place with various people active in Maltese society about the kind of culture we are hoping to build together.

Notwithstanding an increased awareness about the unsustainability of our current economic model, radical change in the way we move, consume and build does not seem to be any nearer. The option of gently nudging people towards adopting more virtuous and sustainable lifestyles does not seem to be good enough. Might it be time to introduce economic “sticks” in the form for example of environmental taxes, which reflect the true cost of our self-inflicted environmental damage?

With Prof. Maria Attard, Head of Geography and Director of the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the University of Malta and Dr Marie Briguglio, lecturer at the University of Malta in Behavioural Economics and Environmental Economics, we speak about the urgent need to shift towards a more sustainable economic and social model. We also mention the responsibility of politicians to truly practice what they preach and about the links between social justice, environmental degradation and political participation.

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