‘Yahad’, the document compiled by the Justice and Peace Commission, provides a guide for us to follow in order to live better together as a society by reducing the division and rivalry that exist, be they in the context of partisan politics, religious beliefs, football and band clubs or families, as well as to nurse the wounds that have been inflicted in the past.

The Hebrew word ‘yahad’ refers to the sense of togetherness and community, and the aim of this document is to stimulate reflection as to how we can nurture a society that promotes the common good and that improves the well-being of persons, especially the most vulnerable.

‘Yahad’ ties in with ‘One Church, One Journey’, the ecclesiastical renewal process that the Church in Malta is currently implementing and which emphasises the need to work on reconciliation in order to heal the various wounds of the Maltese people. ‘Yahad’ also provides useful suggestions and is a source of great encouragement to all those who are already making a valid contribution to society, inspired by the values of the social teachings of the Church.

The document is divided into three sections:

  • the events that exposed the wounds in Maltese society;
  • the virtues that can provide a guide during the process of healing, reconciliation and renewal of society;
  • the practical commitment of each citizen in favour of a society that, as Pope Francis stresses, dismisses “the culture of waste” and makes space for the “culture of encounter”.

In the coming months, the Justice and Peace Commission shall be organising a series of initiatives and activities that should continue to support national reconciliation. The individual, families, communities and politicians are encouraged to participate in this discussion by using the hashtag #Yahad MT on social media.

The complete document may be found at yahad.mt. Click here to watch the press conference.