• “People of colour who are with us are not guests, they are part of us.”

    Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna made this statement during an open dialogue on peace and racial hatred held at the University of Malta after the cold-blooded killing of Lassana Cisse Souleymane in Ħal Far. The Archbishop said that Lassana Cisse’s murder is a wake-up call for faith leaders but also for every citizen. He underlined that a community can also be built through the participation of immigrants. “Our community needs to be a community where we respect each other as human beings irrespective of religion, race or sex”.

    The Archbishop called for each one of us to look at these immigrant brothers and sisters and acknowledge they are human beings just like us. In Pope Francis’ words: “The way a nation welcomes immigrants reveals its vision of human dignity and its relationship to humanity.”

    The Church in Malta is currently collecting funds so that Lassana Cisse may be buried in his home country. To contribute towards The Archbishop’s Charity Fund send an email on [email protected]