• During the Mass for Our Country, on the inauguration of the new President of Malta Dr George Vella, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna said: “We welcome the figure of the President of the Republic as a symbol of our national unity and our call to be a democracy based on the choice we continually make for what is right and our thirst and hunger for justice.”

    In his inaugural speech, President George Vella also spoke about national unity. He promised that during his Presidency he will work unceasingly to address with absolute attention the strengthening of national unity. “This unity does not come about by merely wishing for it. We have to work hard to achieve it. There undoubtedly remains the need and space for different and divergent opinions, but in the same fashion, there needs to prevail a genuine and reciprocal respect. Our exchanges and discussions have to be dignified, based on civic and correct demeanour, and never result in attacks of a personal nature.”

    The Church in Malta congratulates President Vella and pledges her prayers for this mission.