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    • Recognising the importance of communication in the world, the Maltese province of the Conventual Franciscans wanted to move in action even on this field. In 1997 a project was prepared and approved. In this project it is clearly stated that “understanding and giving a value to the communication phenomenon means having a open mentality and a specific competence”. With this in mind a centre was created to study in more detail communication and to help in transmitting the right message to the right receiver. The centre is not only to the service of the members of the province, but even to all who need a helping hand in communication. For this reason the centre was called CAK, which stands for the Maltese “Centru Animazzjoni u Komunikazzjoni”: Animation and Communication Centre. The Centre, therefore, is not a “bookshop” or “audio/video library” but an attentive eye present in the world to analyse and study how communication works and consequently proposes equivalent effective methods to communicate. CAK is a christian inspired organisation, but it does not only deal with transmitting religious messages but acts also as a link and meeting place for all those who work in the communication field.

      The centre is organised in a way to facilitate communication and to assure the achievement of its aim. CAK is therefore directed by a group of people, namely “the creative team” who study accurately projects and plans for the communicational activities produced by the centre. The Centre has good contact with various people who work in the communications’ field and who offer their help and professional contribution to the activities carried on by CAK. Other people then, especially youths, carry on other vital tasks in the execution of productions.

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