• The Amazon, known as the Earth’s lungs as it is one of the largest forests providing oxygen to our planet, has been affected by vast fires. The Amazon is not the only such case. In other countries closer to us, stretches of natural land were affected by large fires during this summer. In Malta, 50 acres of land and 4,600 trees were destroyed as Miżieb woodland was ablaze for two full days in June.

    There is little we can do when faced with such environmental disasters. However, if we look around us, there is still much we can do to take care of our common home.

    September is the Season of Creation – dedicated to the creation and its Creator. Creation has been provided by God for our benefit and those who will come after us. As time goes by, there is an increased sense of urgency to do more to save our natural environment from destruction. The Season of Creation reminds us that our role, no matter how small, is essential too.