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    The Malta Bible Society (MBS) was founded by Prof. Mgr. Peter Paul Saydon and Prof. Mgr. Karm Sant on the 14th September, 1958. The mission of the Malta Bible Society is “to provide the Holy Scriptures to every man, woman and child in a language and form each can readily understand, and at a price each can easily afford.” With this aim in mind, MBS is fully committed to revise the text of the Bible regularly, according to modern scientific studies, while it also takes care to publish and distribute the Bible. Besides the Bible, it also produces books and other material in order to aid the Bible reader in a better understanding of Holy Scriptures. Courses are organized regularly both on a parish and on a national level, at the Bible House. MBS carries its mission of promoting the Bible with adults, children and youths. In 2004 the MBS published a revised version of the Bible and at present work is being done for the publication of an edition of the Bible with Study Notes. In November 2005 the MBS printed the first publication of the Maltese Bible in Braille format for the Visually Impaired People. It published also the first publication of the Maltese Bible on CDRom to make the Bible fully accessible on computer. In October 2005 the MBS opened the Institute for Biblical Culture which hosts a Conference Room offering the latest technology for conferences and the only fully equipped library in Malta dedicated entirely for Biblical studies and research. The MBS is founder member of the Catholic Biblical Federation and an associate member of the United Bible Societies – two world federations whose main aim is to promote the reading of the Bible while working to ensure that every person would have the opportunity of having a copy of the Bible. All can join the Bible Society by becoming members. More information may be obtained through the staff at the Bible House.

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    Rev Mons Dr Anthony Abela


    Rev Dr Paul Sciberras

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    Mr Alfred Gatt

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    Mr. Paul P. Agius

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    Dr Evelyn Caruana Demajo
    Ms Doreen Gatt
    Mr Anthony Geraldi
    Rev. Doug McRoberts
    ​Mr Ray Zammit