Giving up chocolate won’t make you a saint (and here’s why)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Lent? Sacrifice, 40 days, Holy Week, Good Friday, tradition, processions, the colour purple, chocolate (- or rather, the lack of it). When we think about Lent, the only thing we may feel is dread as we prepare for 40 gloomy days until we celebrate Easter (by eating our body weight at a Chinese buffet).  … Read more »

Resolutions: Now and Anytime

The week between Christmas and New Year is a time when nobody knows exactly what they should be doing. People catch up on Christmas shopping and try to benefit from the best discounts, others go to lunch and dinner with different sides of the family, or on holiday for a few days; students try to catch up on assignments and parents cannot wait for their children to go back to school… Read more »

Make Space

Clearing the Clutter

If you have ever been in a cave, you’d know that it is not the most enjoyable place to be – the darkness, the insects, the dust, the trash, the dirt. Entering caves is an adventure in itself and not an experience that just about anyone would jump to.

My heart is sometimes the same, filled with the remnants of what was once alive, memories that are rotting in the corners, and undealt with trash lying around… Read more »

Fourth Sunday of Advent – Love

Very often, we forget to love.

When we are in a hurry and stuck in traffic;
when someone skips us in a queue at the supermarket;
when our delivery order is late;
when the bank just won’t answer our calls;
when a family member says the wrong thing at Sunday lunch.

Situations provoke anything but love within us sometimes… Read more »

Third Sunday of Advent – Joy

The Christmas season… gifts to buy, people to meet, events to go to, food to prepare, charities to help and so much more.

To some, this might sound like the best time of the year and while it definitely is a season to be jolly, it may also become a little overwhelming to keep up with all the physical and emotional energy this time requires from us… Read more »

The Second Sunday of Advent – Peace


Where would we go to find peace? Perhaps some would say the countryside, a gym session, hiking to the top of a mountain, playing a sport, watching television after a long day, going for a swim in the early hours of the morning, listening to music.

Whatever situation you are in as you are reading this, I invite you to take a few minutes and try this exercise. 

Take yourself to whatever comes to your mind as we are mentioning ‘peace’… Read more »

First Sunday of advent – Hope

The first day of a new year.
The first day of school.
The first day of summer.
The first day of the Christmas holidays.
The first Sunday of Advent.

The first day of any new period is considered to be a fresh opportunity to do something new; to take up a new habit; to eliminate tendencies that are not allowing us to move forward; a time to set new goals and stick to them… Read more »