Pope at Angelus prays for an end to the threat of nuclear warfare

Holy Mass and canonization: Giovanni Battista Scalabrini and Artemide Zatti

  St Peter's Square at the Vatican

As Jesus was walking along, ten lepers met him and cried out: “Have mercy on us!” (Lk 17:13).  All ten were healed, yet only one of them returned to thank Jesus.  He was a Samaritan, a kind of heretic for the Jewish people. At the beginning, they were walking together, but then the Samaritan left the others and turned back, “praising God with a loud voice” (v… Read more »

Pope prays at Angelus so that the Kingdom of God is realised with the migrants with the exclusion of none

Mass of the pastoral visit to Matera for the conclusion of the 27th national eucharistic congress

  XXI Settembre Municipal Stadium (Matera), Italy

Il-Mulej qed jiġborna madwar il-mejda tiegħu u jsir għalina ħobż: “Huwa l-ħobż tal-festa fuq il-mejda tal-ulied, […] joħloq il-qsim ma’ xulxin, isaħħaħ ir-rabtiet, għandu togħma ta’ komunjoni” (Innu għas-XXVII Kungress Ewkaristiku Nazzjonali, Matera 2022). Imma l-Vanġelu li għadna kemm smajna jgħidilna li mhux dejjem fuq il-mejda l-ħobż hu maqsum: dan hu minnu; mhux dejjem iħalli l-fwieħa tal-komunjoni; mhux dejjem hu miksur fil-ġustizzja… Read more »

Pope beatifies John Paul I: May he obtain for us the ‘smile of the soul’

Holy Mass and the beatification of Pope John Paul I

  St Peter's Square, the Vatican

Jesus is making his way to Jerusalem, and today’s Gospel tells us that “large crowds were travelling with him” (Lk 24:25).  To travel with Jesus means to follow him, to become his disciples.  Yet, the Lord’s message to those people was not exactly appealing; in fact, it was quite demanding: whoever does not love him more than his or her own family, whoever does not carry the cross, whoever remains attached to earthly goods, cannot be his disciple (cf… Read more »

Pope at Pentecost calls on leaders: ‘Do not lead humanity into ruin’

  The Vatican

In the final words of the Gospel we have just heard, Jesus says something that can offer us hope and make us think. He tells his disciples: “The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and remind you of all I have said to you (Jn 14:26). “Everything”, “all” – these words are striking; they make us wonder: how does the Spirit give this new and full understanding to those who receive him? … Read more »

The new saints inspire solutions of togetherness and ways of dialogue – The Pope in Mass with Canonisation

Holy Mass and Canonisation of the Blesseds

  St Peter's Square, the Vatican

On the 15th of May 2022, Pope Francis celebrated holy mass where 10 new saints were proclaimed: Titus Brandsma, Lazzru known as Devasahayam, César de Bus, Luigi Maria Palazzolo, Giustino Maria Russolillo, Charles de Foucauld, Maria Rivier, Maria Francesca di Gesù Rubatto, Maria di Gesù Santocanale and Maria Domenica Mantovani.

Homily by Pope Francis

We have heard what Jesus told his disciples before leaving this world and returning to the Father.  He told us what it means to be a Christian: “Even as I have loved you, so you must love one another” (Jn 13:34).  This is the legacy that Christ bequeathed to us, the ultimate criterion for discerning whether or not we are truly his disciples.  It is the commandment of love.  Let us stop to consider two essential elements of this commandment: Jesus’ love for us – “as I have loved you” – and the love he asks us to show to others – “so you must love one another”Read more »

Divine mercy often makes us aware of the sufferings of our neighbour – Pope Francis

  St Peter's Basilica, the Vatican

Today the risen Lord appears to the disciples. To those who had abandoned him he offers his mercy and shows his wounds. The words he speaks to them are punctuated with a greeting that we hear three times in the Gospel: “Peace be with you!” (Jn 20:19.21.26). Peace be with you! These are the words of the risen Jesus as he encounters every human weakness and error… Read more »

Pope at Chrism Mass: There is no peace greater than his forgiveness

  Vatican Basilica

In the reading from the Prophet Isaiah that we have heard, the Lord makes a promise full of hope, one that concerns us at first hand: “You shall be called priests of the Lord; they shall speak of you as the ministers of our God… I will faithfully give them their recompense, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them” (61:6.8). Being priests, dear brothers, is a grace, a very great grace, yet it is not primarily a grace for us, but for our people. [1] The fact that the Lord chooses, from among his flock, some who devote themselves exclusively to the care of his flock as fathers and shepherds is a great gift for our people… Read more »

Pope Francis on Maundy Thursday: The Lord judges and forgives

  The Correctional Facility of Civitavecchia, Rome

Kull Ħamis ix-Xirka naqraw din is-silta mill-Vanġelu: hija ħaġa sempliċi. Ġesù, flimkien ma’ ħbiebu, id-dixxipli tiegħu, jinsab waqt ikla, l-ikla tal-Għid; Ġesù li jaħsel riġlejn id-dixxipli tiegħu – ħaġa stramba din li għamel: f’dak iż-żmien ir-riġlejn kienu jaħsluhom l-ilsiera fid-daħla tad-dar. U mbagħad, Ġesù – b’ġest li jmiss ukoll il-qalb – jaħsel riġlejn it-traditur, dak li biegħu. Hekk hu Ġesù, u jgħallimna dan, sempliċiment: fostkom, għandkom taħslu r-riġlejn… Read more »

Pope: A smile can give meaning to a sick person’s day

Pope Francis on Friday morning travelled to Rome’s Gemelli Catholic University Hospital to celebrate Holy Mass marking the 60th anniversary of the foundation of its Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, named for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The hospital, and its University campus, dedicated to the memory and vision of Father Agostino Gemelli,  is one of the most important and internationally acclaimed care providers in Italy… Read more »

Pope: celebrating synod means walking together on the same road

Pope Francis formally opened the Synod of Bishops on Sunday with a solemn Mass in St Peter’s Basilica.

Faithful from around the world – including laymen and -women, priests, seminarians, women and men religious, cardinals and bishops – took part in the liturgy, which marked the beginning of a two-year synodal process.

In his homily, Pope Francis took the day’s Gospel reading, recounting Jesus’ encounter with a rich young man, as the starting point for a reflection on synodality: “Celebrating a Synod,” he said, “means walking on the same road, together.”

Following the example of Jesus, he emphasized three verbs that characterize the Synod: encounterlisten, and discernRead more »