Secretariat for Liturgy

The Pastoral Plan 1986-1991 envisaged the establishment of a Secretariat for Liturgy to promote liturgy in parishes through Parish Liturgical Commissions. The Secretariat is also responsible for the formation of altar boys, lectors and other animators of the liturgical assembly. The Secretariat was established by an episcopal decree dated 3rd December 1986. A second decree, dated 26th March 1988, issued norms regulating the structure of the Secretariat.

The Secretariat Council

Archbishop’s Delegate
Rev. Can. Dr Jesmond Manicaro S.Th.L, S.L.D.
Tel. 2590 6215 | Email: [email protected]

Assistant Delegate
Rev. Fr Michael Bugeja B.A., S.Th.B.

Tony Portelli

Maestro di Cappella
Mro Christopher Muscat