Congregation Daughters of the Sacred Heart

  •  Daughters of the Sacred Heart

  • The Servant of God Mother M.Teresa Nuzzo founded the Congregation “Daughters of the Sacred Heart’’ in 1903. Together with other young ladies she taught catechism in schools and in some parishes.

    It was one of the main aims of the foundress to impart education to children based on love and truth. Today the Sisters have two Kindergarten Schools in Hamrun and Zejtun and a Primary School at Marsa. They have a children’s Home at Zurrieq and a Day Centre for children in Zejtun and Mellieha. They also take active part in teaching catechism, academic and technical subjects to the children.

    Since its foundation the Congregation has notably grown in number and apostolic work. It has Convents in India, Kenya, Libya, Rome,Tanzania, Korea and U.S.A. The Sisters carry out their mission in various apostolic fields especially in schools, teaching Catechism in the parishes, rendering services to the local churches, running Day Care Centres and orphanages.

    In 1988 the Congregation was approved as a Congregation of Pontifical Right. In the General Chapter of 1995, Malta and India were established as Provinces and Kenya as a Region.

  • The Generalate – St. Therese Convent,

    100 Triq Dr. Ġorġ Borg Olivier, Mellieħa MLH 1021

    Tel. 2152 3532;(Uffiċċju Sup. Generali: Tel/Fax: 2152 3981);

    Email: [email protected]

  • Provincial House – Christ the King Convent,

    Triq l-Imdina, Fleur-de-Lys BKR 1873.

    Tel. 2144 3901; 2149 8906  (Uffiċju Sup. Provinċjali Tel.2149 3331 Fax. 2144 8386)

    Email: [email protected]

  • Nuzzo Institute,

    Triq id-Duka ta’ Edinburgh,Ħamrun ĦMR 2066 – Tel. 2124 6128

  • St. Margaret Alocoque Convent,

    Pjazza Ħal Kirkop,Kirkop KKP 1042 – Tel. 2164 7674

  • Sacred Heart Convent,

    Triq Balbi, Marsa MRS 1816 – Tel. 2123 7432

  • Mons. Pietro Pace Convent,

    136, Triq Dr. Ġorġ Borg Olivier, Rabat RBT 9042 – Tel. 2145 4314

  • Madre Teresa Nuzzo,

    Triq Selmun, Selmun, Mellieħa MLH 2442 – Tel. 2157 3747

  • St. Joseph Home,

    Triq S. Luċjan, Ûejtun ZTN 1833 – Tel. 2169 3719

  • St. Therese Home,

    Triq l-Imm. Kuncizzjoni, Nigret, Zurrieq ZRQ 341 – Tel. 2164 0391

    Scholastic Year 2013/14

    Schools of the Sacred Heart

    Daughters of the Sacred Heart

    Teresa Nuzzo School

    Triq S Franġisk Humrun 


    27 234 513  Nru ta’ tfal 70

    Teresa Nuzzo School

    Triq S Pawl, Zejtun 


    276 737 704 Nru to’ tfal 35

    Primary Schools

    Daughters of the Sacred Heart

    Teresa Nuzzo School

    Triq Balbi Marsa


    21 240393 Nru ta’ tfal 309