The Dominican Priory (O.P.)

  • The Dominicans

    Provincial’s Office:

    Kunvent S. Marija tal-Għar, Rabat, RBT 2521

    Email: [email protected]



    Triq il-Mina l-Kbira, il-Birgu BRG 1024



    Triq San Duminku, Valletta VLT 1603


    49, Triq Santa Monika, Gwardamangia PTA 3133



    Kulleġġ San Albert il-Kbir, 153-160, Triq l-Ifran, Valletta VLT 1457

    Tel: 21225708, 21231324

    Fax: 21241213

    Email: [email protected]


  • Kunvent tal-Madonna tal-Għar

    Misraħ San Duminku, Rabat RBT 2521

    Tel: 21454201, 21454592, 21459760

    Fax: 21450503

  • Kunvent tal-Lunzjata


    Tel: 21825198

    Fax: 21807040

  • Kunvent ta’ S. Marija tal-Porto Salvo

    Valletta VLT 1176

    Tel: 21234079

    Fax: 21248253

  • Kunvent ta’ Ġesù Nazzarenu

    Triq ix-Xatt ta’ Tigne’, Sliema, SLM 3010

    Tel: 21331096, 21336770, 21318028

    Fax: 21316191

  • Kunvent tal-Madonna ta’ Fatima,

    Gwardamangia PTA 1114

    Tel: 21233620, 21230194

    Fax: 21233947

    St. Albert The Great College, Valletta

    Tel: 2123 1324, 2122 5708

  • The first Dominican Priory was established in Malta in 1450 near a grotto at the outskirts of Rabat where, according to tradition, the Virgin Mary had appeared to a bird hunter. For this reason, the priory is known as the Priory of Our Lady of the Grotto. In 1528, the Dominicans established another priory in Vittoriosa and in 1569 they built their priory in Valletta. In 1838, these three priories became a separate province of the Dominican Order.  Later on, three other priories were founded: in Sliema in 1909, in Gwardamanġa in 1945; in Valletta in 1948 when the old Flores College was taken over by the Order and became the St. Albert the Great College.