• Monday
    9.15 a.m.         The Archbishop presides over a Curia senior staff meeting, at his residence, Attard.

    10.00 a.m.       The Archbishop meets a group of Australian students who are currently on a pilgrimage on St Paul’s footsteps, at the Curia.
    11.15 a.m.       The Archbishop presides over a consultation meeting with priests from the parish of Qrendi with regards to the appointment of a new parish priest, at the Curia.
    3.30 p.m.         The Archbishop participates in a ‘live’ program on RTK.

    7.30 p.m.         The Archbishop attends the annual graduation ceremony, organised by Caritas Malta, for those who successfully completed a drug rehabilitation programme, San Blas.

    6.30 p.m.         The Archbishop celebrates mass on the occasion on the feast of St. Benedict, at St. Peter’s Monastery, Mdina.

    9.00 a.m.         The Archbishop celebrates Mass on the occasion of ‘Police Day’, at St. John’s Cocathedral, Valletta.