• 27 January – 2 February

  • Monday         
    9.15 a.m.         The Archbishop presides over a Curia senior staff meeting, at his residence, Attard.
    7.00 p.m.         The Archbishop attends a reception given by H.E. Ms Jane Lambert, Australian High Commissioner for Malta, on the occasion of Australia Day, San Pawl tat-Targa.
    6.00 p.m.         The Archbishop meets the Commitee of the Foundation Centesimus Annus International, at his residence, Attard.

    11.00 a.m        The Archbishop meets the Parish Priest of St George’s Parish Qormi, Fr Anton Cassar at the Curia, in preparation of the Pastoral Visit.
    7.15 p.m.         The Archbishop meets Rev. Bruno Cadoré, Master General of the Dominican Order, at his residence, Attard.
    6.30 p.m.         The Archbishop attends mass celebrated by Rev. Bruno Cadoré at St. Dominic’s Church, Rabat.
    4.30 p.m.         The Archbishop meets the Augustinian nuns at St Catherine’s Monastery on the occasion of their Chapter, Valletta.
    9.30 a.m.         The Archbishop presides over a meeting of the Presbiteral Council, at the Curia.
    6.00 p.m.         The Archbishop celebrates mass at St George’s Church in Qormi on the official opening of the pastoral visit.
    9.15 a.m.         The Archbishop celebrates Mass at St John’s Cocathedral on the occasion of Candlemas, Valletta.