• 23 – 29 September

  • Monday         

    9.15 a.m.         The Archbishop presides over a Curia senior staff meeting, at his residence, Attard.


    8.45 a.m.         The Archbishop participates in a meeting of the Episcopal Conference, at his residence, in Attard.

    3.30 p.m.         The Archbishop participates in a ‘live’ programme on RTK.

    6.30 p.m.         The Archbishop leads a Procession and celebrates Mass on the opening of a Perpetual Adoration Chapel, at the Annunciation Centre, in Floriana.  



    8.00 p.m.         The Archbishop meets with young volunteers organised by the Diocesan Youth Commission (KDŻ), at Convent Garden, Pieta’.



    9.00 a.m.         The Archbishop shares a reflection and celebrates Mass during a retreat organised by the Group ‘Rising Sun’, at Burmarrad Parish Centre.

    6.45 p.m.         The Archbishop addesses partecipants at the opening of the Pastoral Year of the Cana Movement, at CAK Centre, Birkirkara.


    6.00 p.m.         The Archbishop leads the celebration during which Fr Dominic Mangani O.F.M.Cap is introduced as the new parish priest of the parish dedicated to the Queenship of Our Lady, in Marsa.