• Monday
    9.15 a.m.         The Archbishop presides over a Curia senior staff meeting, at his residence, Attard.

    10.00 a.m.       The Archbishop attends a meeting of the Foundation of Church Schools, at the Curia.

    11.30 a.m.       The Archbishop presides over a meeting of the Council of Parish Priests, at the Curia.
    7.00 p.m.         The Archbishop meets youth who will be doing volountary work during summer, at a “Sendoff” celebration, organized by KDZ at St Joseph’s Home, St Venera.

    10.15 a.m.       The Archbishop celebrates mass on the feast of the Sacred Heart, at St Vincent de Paul residence for the elderly.

    11.00 a.m.       The Archbishop meets seven youth who will be ordained priests, and has lunch with them, at his residence, Attard.

    5.45 p.m.         The Archbishop presides over the translation of Relic, Vespers and Mass on the occasion of the Feast of St Peter and St Paul, at St. Paul’s Cathedral Mdina.

    9.30 a.m.         The Archbishop celebrates Pontifical Mass on the occasion of the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Mdina.