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Archbishop Paul Cremona O.P. has appointed Fr Joe Caruana as the new parish priest of Mellieha.

Fr Caruana was born in Mellieha on 2nd August, 1960. He received his primary education in Mellieha and his secondary education at the Minor Seminary, Floriana. He studied for his ‘A’ level examinations at Stella Maris College, Gzira and pursued his tertiary education at the Faculty of Theology, then situated in Tal-Virtu’, Rabat… Read more »


Benedict XVI is encouraging concrete projects to bring peace in the Holy Land in this time of great change in the Middle East.

The Pope made this exhortation today after he had prayed the midday Angelus with thousands who had gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

As part of his traditional meeting with the faithful today, the Holy Father marked the last Sunday of January, the month of peace… Read more »

Daily Gospel -31st January

Mark 5,1-20

They reached the territory of the Gerasenes on the other side of the lake, and when he disembarked, a man with an unclean spirit at once came out from the tombs towards him. The man lived in the tombs and no one could secure him any more, even with a chain, because he had often been secured with fetters and chains but had snapped the chains and broken the fetters, and no one had the strength to control him… Read more »


On Sunday 30th January, 2011, Archbishop Paul Cremona O.P. celebrated Mass at Xaghjra Chapel, Zabbar, and afterwards met the people of the same parish.

Click on the photo to enlarge… Read more »

January 31 – February 6


9.15 a.m. The Archbishop presides over a Curia senior staff meeting.

6.00 p.m. The Archbishop meets members of the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation, at his residence, Attard.

7.30 p.m. The Archbishop meets a group of youths for an informal dialogue with them.


10.00 a.m. The Archbishop visits the Day Centre at St… Read more »

Daily Gospel -30th January

Matthew 5,1-12

Seeing the crowds, he went onto the mountain. And when he was seated his disciples came to him. Then he began to speak. This is what he taught them: How blessed are the poor in spirit: the kingdom of Heaven is theirs. Blessed are the gentle: they shall have the earth as inheritance. Blessed are those who mourn: they shall be comforted… Read more »


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a Recommendation in 17 points on “Violence against Christians in the Middle East.”

The Recommendation and its explanatory memorandum were drafted by Italian Member of Parliament Luca Volontè. It was adopted by 125 votes in favor, with nine voting against and 13 abstentions. The document notes that Christians have been present in the Middle East since Christianity began there, but that for the last century, the communities have been dwindling… Read more »

Daily Gospel -29th January

Mark 4,35-41

With the coming of evening that same day, he said to them, ‘Let us cross over to the other side.’ And leaving the crowd behind they took him, just as he was, in the boat; and there were other boats with him. Then it began to blow a great gale and the waves were breaking into the boat so that it was almost swamped… Read more »

Daily Gospel -28th January

St Mark 4,26-34

He also said, ‘This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the land. Night and day, while he sleeps, when he is awake, the seed is sprouting and growing; how, he does not know. Of its own accord the land produces first the shoot, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear… Read more »