Papal Visit

Two migrants narrate their experiences of migration to Pope Francis

Testimonies by Daniel Jude Oukeguale and Siriman Coulibaly

  The John XXIII Migrants’ Centre, Ħal Far

I slept, hoping to die – testimony by Daniel Jude Oukeguale

Caro Papa Francesco, I am Daniel and I come from Nigeria.

I left my hometown 5 years ago. After 13 days of travelling, we arrived at the desert. While crossing, we passed dead people and animals, burnt cars and a lot of empty water cans. After 8 traumatic days in the desert, we made it to Libya… Read more »

Your presence encourages us even more to put ourselves at the service of those who suffer – Fr Dijonisju Mintoff

Welcome speech by Fr Dijunisju Mintoff

  The John XXIII Migrants’ Centre in Ħal Far

Most Blessed Father Francis,

It is an immense joy and a great honor to welcome you among us. Your presence confirms us in our Faith in Jesus and encourages us even more to put ourselves at the service of those who suffer and who need our closeness, our care and our comfort.

We know that these people, regardless of race or religious faith, are children of God, recipients of his unconditional, tender love… Read more »

Pope Francis in Ħal Far: Let us respond to the challenge of migrants with kindness and humanity

Message by Pope Francis in his meeting with migrants

  John XXIII Peace Laboratory, Ħal Far

Message by Pope Francis

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I greet all of you with great affection, and I am very happy to end my visit to Malta by spending some time here with you. I thank Father Dionisio for his welcome. I am also very grateful to Daniel and to Siriman for their testimonies: you opened your hearts and shared your lives, and at the same time gave a voice to so many of our brothers and sisters who were constrained to leave their homelands in search of a secure refuge… Read more »

Pope at Angelus: I will remember many of your faces, as well as the luminous face of Malta!

  The Granaries, Floriana

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am grateful for Archbishop Scicluna’s kind words on your behalf, but I am really the one who should be thanking you! Thank you very much!

I would like to express my gratitude to the President of the Republic and the civil authorities, to my brother Bishops, to you, dear priests, men and women religious, and to all the citizens and faithful of Malta and Gozo for your warm and affectionate welcome… Read more »

May the word you have shared with us be a source of courage in life, light to our path, comfort in our trials – The Archbishop

Message and gift from Archbishop Charles Scicluna to Pope Francis

  The Granaries, Floriana

Message of Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna

Your Holiness,

We thank you sincerely for your decision to visit us. Thank you for celebrating the Holy Eucharist with us. Thank you for your love for us.

May the word you have shared with us be a source of courage in life, light to our path, comfort in our trials.

In the first century after Christ’s Resurrection, these islands had the good fortune of receiving the light of the Gospel through God’s grace, thanks to the presence amongst us of our father in faith, St Paul the Apostle, whom Publius, the protos of the island, and the Maltese, welcomed “with unusual kindness” (Acts 28:2), together with two hundred and seventy-five other persons who found themselves shipwrecked on our shores… Read more »

The Pope on the Granaries: We truly know the Lord when we experience his forgiveness

Pope Francis' homily on the Fourth Sunday of Lent

  The Granaries, Floriana

Homily by Pope Francis

“Early in the morning Jesus came again to the temple; all the people came to him” (Jn 8:2). These words introduce the story of the woman caught in adultery. The background is serene: it is morning in the holy place, in the heart of Jerusalem. At the centre is the people of God, who are looking for Jesus, the Master, in the courtyard of the temple: they want to listen to him, because his words are insightful and heartwarming… Read more »