The 1986-91 Pastoral Plan envisaged the establishment of a Secretariat for Liturgy to ensure that each parish would have a Liturgical Commission and that the altar servers, readers and other liturgy animators would receive good formation. The Secretariat was founded by decree on the 3rd December 1986, and a further decree on the 26th March 1988 stipulated directives related to the structure and responsibilities of the Secretariat. Other Commissions became affiliated to this Secretariat following a decree issued on 16th December 2002.

By a decree dated 8th August 2023, Archbishop Charles Scicluna appointed Mgr Jesmond Manicaro as the first Episcopal Vicar for the Liturgy.

Episcopal Vicariate for the Liturgy

Episcopal Vicar

Mgr Jesmond Manicaro


2590 6215


[email protected]


Can. Stephen Attard

Mgr Michael Bugeja (ex-officio)

Commission for Sacred Art

The aims of the Commission are to promote Sacred Art, its appreciation and education related to it. It also ensures that new works in churches are only undertaken where necessary and pastorally useful, and that they are of a suitable artistic standard. The Commission’s meetings are held four times a year and are led by Archbishop Charles Scicluna.


Mgr Jesmond Manicaro, Chairperson

Fr Charles Bugeja, Secretary

Mons. Claude Portelli

Architect Andrew Ellul

Architect Andrew Scicluna

Ms Agatha Grima

Mr Hilary Spiteri

Mgr Louis Suban (representative of the Parish Priests’ College)

Commission for the Translations of the Liturgical Texts

The aim of the Commission is to prepare and publish translations of Liturgical Books and to prepare other liturgical texts for the dioceses of Malta and Gozo. This Commission meets once a week and is currently being led by Archbishop Emeritus Mgr George Frendo OP.


Can. Stephen Attard

Fr Nazju Borg (Diocese of Gozo)

Mgr Michael Bugeja

Mgr Jesmond Manicaro

Mgr Paul C. Vella

Commission for the Permanent Formation of the Clergy and Laity

The aims of the Commission are to:

  • organise, from time to time, in collaboration with the Secretariat for the Clergy, a liturgical refresher course for the diocesan clergy and religious;
  • organise liturgical formation courses in collaboration with the Pastoral Formation Institute, especially for lay people, at a diocesan and parochial level.

Key Person

Can. Stephen Attard

Office of Celebrations presided by the Archbishop

The aims of this Office are to prepare the liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations presided over by the Archbishop or in which he assists, as well as diocesan celebrations. It is also responsible for the publication of books needed by the celebrant, as well as by the congregation.

Key Person

Mgr Michael Bugeja, Diocesan Master of Ceremonies and others involved from time to time in particular celebrations, in different places and on different occasions. 

Commission of Sacred Music

The aims of the Commission are to:

  • improve sacred music in the Archdiocese, in such a way that the Christian community will have a varied repertoire for different liturgical celebrations, and to ensure they are implemented in a suitable manner.
  • support parish choirs in their development, mainly by training choir directors, and to see that liturgical formation is given to musicians and singers.
  • select and prepare, together with the Master of Ceremonies, appropriate hymns for liturgical celebrations in the cathedrals and during diocesan liturgical or para-liturgical celebrations.

Key Person

Mro Christopher Muscat