Episcopal Delegate for Laity

Joe Farrugia
Tel: 25906510

The role of the Episcopal Delegate for the Laity is to animate and coordinate in conjunction with the various lay entities, and to make sure that their work is bearing fruit.

Malta Catholic Youth Network (MCYN)

Benjamin Flores Martin
Tel: 25906505


The role of the Archbishop’s Delegate for Youth is to oversee, coordinate and support the work with youth happening within the diocese whilst keeping an open dialogue with secular society. Click here for more information. 

Kummissjoni Djoċesana Tfal

Sr Anna Sammut

Tel: 21487282
Mob: 99846310
Email: or

The role of the delegate for children is to provide spiritual, social, and human formation for the well-being of the Commission entrusted to her. To attain this goal, she is responsible to organise monthly meetings as well as live-ins, at least 3 in a year. It is the delegate’s responsibility to train the children to have the opportunity to give their say in the Church. This will lead them to become responsible leaders within the Church.

Moviment ta’ Kana

Mgr Charles Attard, Delegate

Tel: 22238000

Mob: 99891907


The role of the Delegate is to coordinate all pastoral work in Maltese parishes. This is done mostly by establishing a Family Commission in every parish. This is also done in collaboration with all the stakeholders that work for the families.

Dr Joe Cassar, President

Tel: 22238000

Mob: 79300759


The role of the President is to lead the Cana Movement which works for the pastoral care of families. The Cana Movement prepares couples for the Holy Sacrament of Marriage, accompanies families in their journey, offers counseling services and help through a number of support groups.

Relations with Groups and Movements (FORUM)

Anna Pace

Tel: 21242512


The role of FORUM is to provide a space where catholic lay groups, movements, and communities can meet and help each other in the planning of their pastoral planning in a spirit of communion, dialogue, and solidarity.

Commission for the Safeguarding of Values in Sport

David Azzopardi, Delegate and President

Tel: 25906510