Episcopal Delegate for Evangelisation

Dr Nadia Delicata

Email: nadia.delicata@maltadiocese.org


Rev. Dr Carl-Mario Sultana

Telephone: 22039409

Email: delegat@katekezi.org

The main purpose of the Secretariat for Catechesis is to provide a vision for catechesis in the parishes and Catholic Religious Education in schools. The Secretariat does not only provide the necessary itinerary for catechesis and curriculum for Catholic Religious Education but it also assists in the effective implementation of the itinerary and the curriculum. For this reason, the Secretariat also offers a variety of courses for catechists and resources for the ongoing formation and education of catechists and Religious Education teachers.


Rev. Dr Jesmond Manicaro

Telephone: 25906508

Email: jesmond.manicaro@maltadiocese.org

The Delegate for Liturgy assists the Archbishop in his role as the chief steward of the liturgical life in Malta and serves as a resource on liturgical law and practice for parishes. The delegate coordinates major liturgical celebrations and provides support to pastoral operators to enhance true participation in the liturgy.

Catholic Education

Rev. Dr Charles Mallia

Telephone: 27790060

Email: charles.mallia@maltadiocese.org

The role of the Delegate for Catholic Education is to coordinate the operation of Church schools.