Episcopal Delegate for Evangelisation

Dr Nadia Delicata

Email: [email protected]

Lifelong Catechesis

Rev. Dr David Torpiano

Telephone: 22039409

Email: [email protected]

The Ministry for Lifelong Catechesis oversees and coordinates the various aspects of the catechetical formation of the faithful, in particular of Catholic families in their various stages of life, in the Archdiocese of Malta. It coordinates the catechetical portals beKIDS and beHOLD.


Rev. Dr Jesmond Manicaro

Telephone: 25906508

Email: [email protected]

The Delegate for Liturgy assists the Archbishop in his role as the chief steward of the liturgical life in Malta and serves as a resource on liturgical law and practice for parishes. The delegate coordinates major liturgical celebrations and provides support to pastoral operators to enhance true participation in the liturgy.

Catholic Education

Rev. Dr Charles Mallia

Telephone: 27790060

Email: [email protected]

The role of the Delegate for Catholic Education is to coordinate the operation of Church schools.