Inter-Religious Dialogue

The Diocesan Commission for Interreligious Dialogue, founded on 2nd March 2011, aims at establishing ties between the Catholic Church in Malta and non-Christian communities in Malta. One of the principle aims of the Commission is that of contributing towards the formation of the Roman Catholic community in Malta to better recognise its mission in a society, which is becoming increasingly more multi-ethnic and multi-religious. This is achieved through activities in which Roman Catholics in our country acquire a deeper knowledge of the doctrine and morals of the religions present in our country as well as respond to these new challenges.

The Commission also participates in interreligious activities that take place periodically here in Malta.

Archbishop’s Delegate & President

Rev. Fr Joseph Ellul, OP


Dr John Berry


Rev. Fr Edmund Teuma, OFM Conv.

Anne Marie Magrin

Dr Rebecca Janelle Wellman

Profs Michael Zammit


2590 6759, 2340 3498


[email protected]