Raħal Ġdid (Paola – Our Lady of Lourdes)

  • To provide for the spiritual needs of the people residing in the Marsa side of Paola, Fr. F. Xuereb, parish priest of Paola, built a church dedicated to the Virgin of Lourdes: in 1974 the church became a parish church for the area.

    Number of Parishoners: 2,300
    Number of Families: 720

  • Parish Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

  • Parish Priest

    Rev. John Muscat

  • Parish Office

    81, Notre Dame
    Britannia Street
    Paola PLA 1741

  • Office Hours

    Tuesday and Thursday
    4.00 – 5.30 pm

  • E-mail


  • Telephone

    2169 5081

  • Parish Clergy

    Rev. John Muscat, Parish Priest
    Rev. Stefan Bonanno
  • Pastoral Parish Council

    President: Rev. John Muscat, Parish Priest
    Chairperson: Mr Edwin and Mrs Maria Gauci
    Secretary: Ms Nancy Farrugia
  • Economical Parish Council

    President: Rev. John Muscat, Parish Priest
    Segretary: Mr Frans Farrugia
    Members: Mr Miguel Borg, Mr Victor Difesa, Mr Vince Formosa
  • Holy Masses

    Sundays and Feast Days: 7.30, 9.30 am u 6.00 pm
    Saturdays: 7.30 am, 6.00 pm
    Weekdays: 7.30 am, 6.00pm (Winter), 6.30 pm (Summer)